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Safe Dining For The Susceptible Customer Safe Dining For The Susceptible Customer

ake a Journey of one week during survey and how 'Safe Dining' is ensured for the 'Susceptible' Customer, the Nursing Home Resident, from unique and very different points of view as told by Linda Handy, former dietitian specialty surveyor for CA Dept of Public Health, and Wayne Toczek, Innovations Services, Dining Services Consultant.
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The Customer Experience Book  The Customer Experience Book

How a culture of service and devotion to the customer's experience can improve your business 
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  The Dining Experience Book

Guide to Serve Smarter, Not Harder – For (Much) Better Resident Satisfaction 
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Let Wayne Toczek of Innovations Services deliver his knowledge and experience of the food service industry to your organization, convention or company. 
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Resident Menu ManagerMenu Manager for Your Community

The Menu Manager  

The best utensil in your kitchen will be The Menu Manager. Developed to provide the needs of the operation that will ensure daily success. ProductiveThe Resident Manager System reports and information to support compliance with regulations. Customize the program to meet your needs. As easy as boiling water!

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Maitre D' System  Maitre D' System

This system was developed to assist the communication of the dining room organization process. The seating chart enable the nursing and food service staff universal communication on resident location and diet orders. The chart can be organized to fit any dining room. A room service area is used to alert nursing and food service in advance to changes. The seating system also allows color coded diet categories for one or a combination of diets 

Mater D' System
FREE !  Meal Delivery Performance Audit

Use this tool to measure service to your customer.

Download performance audit file 
Sculpere System   The Sculpere System

This program is designed to bring shape to modified food items for your customers 

More information on the Sculpere System.
ServSafe  ServSafe Employee Training

ServSafe Certification for Managers, Supervisors, Cooks, or anyone involved with the Dining service department at your facility. Brought directly to your operation by Innovations Services and ServSafe Certified Trainers. 

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Wait-Staff Training Video  Wait-Staff Training Video

Three part animated training system available on DVD or VHS.

Learn more about Wait-Staff Training 
  Resident Preference Manager

Increase: tray accuracy, resident satisfaction, and regulation compliance.

Learn more about the Resident Preference Manager 
Pan Drying Rack  The Pan Drying Rack

This innovative system allows proper drying of all types of Pans & Lids. Simply insert the pan rim into the specially engineered slot and the process of proper and safe air drying begins. Made with NSF material. Only $189.00 plus tax/shipping

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Safe Utensil Rack  The Safe Guard Utensil Organizer

This is the total solution for kitchen compliance and organization.

Stay a step ahead of the Health Inspector by taking their first target the dirty, wet, unorganized drawer. This system allows for maximum protection and minimizes chance for error. A new and improved Scoop Rack provides greater sanitation - which
is always a State survey pleaser. Only $189.00 plus tax/shipping

Safe Guard Utensil Organizer
Menu Exibitor  The Menu Exhibitor

Discounted Price! Present your menus in style! Innovations Services has developed a new system that creates that classic restaurant look for your menus. Our system uses colored matting to signify the different weeks. A computerized template is used to create the professional look, while the calendar key keeps the weeks organized. 

Learn more about the Menu Exhibitor   
Beverage Box  The Beverage Box

Keep your beverages cold and safe while serving your customer. Our beverage box is the ideal tool for a hydration or beverage cart at half the price! Only $189.00 plus tax/shipping

Learn more about Beverage Box
Display Top  The Display Top

Display and market your dining program with this practical display unit. This innovative cart top display converts a cart to a marketable display.

Learn more about Display Top 
Safe Knife Rack  Clear Safe Knife Rack

The clear safe knife is the only way to store your knives with clear access to the sanitation status. This rack has a removable insert that can be cleaned by hand or through the dish machine.

Learn more about Clear Safe 

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Innovations has developed several systems and products to make it easier for you to conduct your day-to-day operations. For an order form: click here 

"I believe you design the program for, and from a dietary manager's outlook. The simplicity of the program incorporates the tools needed to have a tray card system that is comprehensible. We have appreciated the reporting capabilities designed to provide the critical information in a format that is easy to understand and work off of for all staff. As you know, we run a short-term rehabilitation skilled unit. We need a program that is pragmatic, adaptable and straightforward; that is why we chose your program Resident Manger."

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