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"The Foodservice Managers Tune-up Book" By Tim Bauman Tim Bauman_Bauman Business Solutions  and Wayne Toczek Wayne Toczek

This book is written for people who operate food services operations with direct application to nursing homes, retirement communities, hospitals, group homes, meals on wheels, senior centers, schools, colleges, business and industry and related operations. Individuals in these businesses often wake up to find that they are embarking on a career... an exciting and important one... especially after that first promotion.

"So, what should I be doing?" is a common question when one steps into a new role and needs to get a better understanding of how all the moving parts of a food service operation fit together.

This same question will occur to the specialist: a skilled chef, supervisor or production manager who steps into a larger job or wants to review their operation to find improvements. Maybe a book is needed as a track to run on for training leaders and managers.

This book is for you if you want to know more about food service or you have people working for you who would benefit from a broader understanding of the industry. JPG of TOC overrview: click here

The Foodservice Managers Tune-up Book: $40.00 plus shipping and handling ()

The Foodservice Managers Tune-up Book
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The Foodservice Managers Tune-up Book





  • Are you looking for a way to get the culture in your facility moving in the right direction for the meal experience?

  • Do you often hear comments like, “We are not waitresses“?

  • Do you try to explain the meal process and let everyone know that it is care that is being provided?

  • Are you looking for an easy training tool to get everyone on board?

Let Innovations Services’ “THE DINING EXPERIENCE FOR THE NON-DINING STAFF“ Training Manual help.  Our manual bridges the gap in the mealtime experience and allows a clear understanding of both sides of the experience which creates a “win win” situation for all. $13.00 plus tax & shipping

Dining Experience

Our electronic workbook can be downloaded to allow printing of multiple copies as needed and is being offered at the introductory price of $99.00 through the month of February only.  The price will return to its original amount of $129.00 after that.

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The Customer Experience Book  The Customer Experience Book

How a culture of service and devotion to the customer's experience can improve your business $15.00 plus tax/shipping
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  The Dining Experience Book

Guide to Serve Smarter, Not Harder - For (Much) Better Resident Satisfaction $13.00 plus tax/shipping
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Safe Dining For The Susceptible Customer Safe Dining For The Susceptible Customer

ake a Journey of one week during survey and how 'Safe Dining' is ensured for the 'Susceptible' Customer, the Nursing Home Resident, from unique and very different points of view as told by Linda Handy, former dietitian specialty surveyor for CA Dept of Public Health, and Wayne Toczek, Innovations Services, Dining Services Consultant. $40.00 plus tax/shipping
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