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Support/Transformation Check

Introducing the Menu Manager Program

Innovations Services' web based menu program offers the best of all programs in one customizable program.  As we understand that programs often have limitation and certain features unique to various users, our Program is applicable to all segments in the dining services industry.  The Program can be used for nursing care, assisted living, independent living hospital service, enhanced room service group homes, cafe service and restaurant service.

Simplicity and versatility is the key to this Program with five (5) simple sets to get up and running.

1.     Set up your criteria in the "customize your community" section.


2.     Import your recipes, ingredients and nutritional information from the electronic cookbook program MasterCook and easily add new recipes.  This is a critical part of the Program as it will allow a grocery list of food items to order and correct nutritional information.  The Program also has the option to directly enter information [ingredients and nutritional information] into the Program in the food item section.


3.     Once your food item file is created set, up your menus.  Menus can be any length [1 day to 100 if desired] and even up to four meals a day such as brunch or continental breakfast in addition to tradition meal patterns.  You can also designate traits of the food item, diet appropriateness or modification [if needed].  For example, a garnish, food groups [bread, vegetable, vitamin C source, etc.], advance prep or even if it should be pulled from the freezer in advance. These traits are usually in the reports section and can help automate instructions and ensure consistency.


4.     Once you set up criteria for menus to be entered, then decide on a start date and create a menu period.  These menus will cycle through continually in an endless loop until you set a new menu period. The Program allows for special menus to be used by designating a date and meal for the menu to be use.  The special menu will override the current menu on that day but resume the regular rotation or cycle one the date has passed.  If you decide to use the menu again just edit the date and year if needed.


5.     Next, go to the daily menu and begin entering the menu by selecting the menu items from your food item file.  Once your menu is complete it becomes all about the type of reports you want to use.

The reports are so versatile that options include direct printing from Excel to Word or simply directly from the internet browser.

Report descriptions and samples are enclosed in this book as samples. Innovations Services Software: click here

Login: click here Support: click here The Quick Look: click here

Getting Started with Menu Manager

For details on the below listed support topics click here: PFD version | Word version


Resident Manager User Manual: click here

Resident Manager User Guide: click here

Menu Manager Steps to Make Menu Change: click here

Reinstalling Resident Manager PFD version | Word version

How to network your program to allow multiple users: click here

Using MasterCook: click here

Using cook books with MasterCook: PDF version | Word version

To see "Resident Meal Ticket Info to Convert Database to RM:" click here


Dining Services transformation check    

Printable version: click here

Develop a mission statement; Example: To enhance the lives of our customers by creating excitement and serving   excellent food.   

Develop a greeting; Example:      Thank you for calling Dining Services where eating is believing. 

Develop a meal round form: Decide what you are trying to find out from the customer.  Satisfied with menu?    Satisfied with temperature?   Like new item or recipe?  

Start your meal was doubled check:   This process is to target specific areas  Purchase plain white business cards and print on Word       

Create a comment card and decide how often you will hand out:  This process is to target general areas  Have staff decide on questions  

Decide what day you will run your lunch with Dining Services program:  Create an invitation    Deduce a day - second Wednesday of month 

Plan your monthly events; Example: Set up standard     first TuesdayFeatured dessert   Second FridayTheme meal   Third ThursdayTaste of "country''   Last MondaySoup of the month 

Develop Birthday program: Create a card    Create a placement     Purchase poster board cut to tray or table size,   have all staff sign. Take to office store and have laminated.   You can put pictures on it or anything else to personalize it.    Use the placemat over and over.                                    

Dining Services transformation check list: Set up a calendar to alert staff for birthdays. 

Create welcome to our home program: Set up automatic set that happens when a new resident comes in.  Decide what you are going to give.     Basket     Gift bag     Coffee mug  Purchase tissue paper and ribbons  Make a welcome letter or brochure to accompany the gift.       

Start a family food committee: Determine a date     Decide on who to invite   Develop an agenda    Send out letter explaining what you are trying to accomplish       

Create a performance improvement program: Set up a schedule of monthly requirements