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Comprehensive Management Agreement

This program is the most cost-effective plan with Innovations Services. This is comparable to the service national management companies offer but without all the strings attached. You keep your purchasing, rebates, and vendors. We will work with your current management team or assist you in the recruitment process. You will receive eighty-five percent of our programs bundled in this agreement. Other systems will be available at a reduced cost. Innovation Services will develop a program customized to meet your needs. We start with a complete assessment of the program currently in place. Next, we meet to develop a plan to achieve your goals. A management progress report log is developed to detail the accomplishments each of our inspection and training visits and the goals to be achieved before our next inspection and visit. The report is reviewed with you each month. Our goal is to help you develop a cost-effective, high quality dining services department that will move you to the leading edge in the hospitality industry.

Some programs you can expect to be implemented:

Leadership / Performance improvement program
Training series program
Resident satisfaction survey
Resident family food committee
Puree and ground program
Budget analysis/planning - For a free Food Cost Audit Sheet: click here
Employee retention program
Fortified food program
Mock survey review
Purchasing analysis
Employee development and succession planning
Employee orientation program
Mentoring program

Additional programs at a reduced cost:

Menu system
Power washing
Snack cart program
Menu production system
Interim management plan
Communication program
Employee handbook



Management Benefits/Resources

  • Management Agreements to meet expectations
  • Follow-through and implementation
  • We center your staff around the work to be done and assure their productivity